LEI is celebrating its 2nd birthday on 5th December.

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LEI is celebrating its 2nd birthday on 5th December.

Message  MurielB le Jeu 20 Oct - 20:41

As may know, LEI is celebrating its 2nd birthday on 5th December.

We believe it is a wonderful opportunity to make members of our language clubs aware of the importance of the existence of LEI after the first two years in a fun way! Smile

We thought of involving participants in the celebration by asking them to prepare a picture that meet the following criteria:
- Representation LEi and its aims
- Creativity
- Fun

An option would be printing the logo and giving it to them to use it in a fun way, they should also be reminded of the aims of LEI, which are:

Founded in 2010, Language Exchange International seeks to bring together, promote or start up groups across countries, both formal and informal, to pursue the following goals:

- To welcome and befriend foreigners in each of our cities with the goal of making their stay easier and more fulfilling through immersion in the countries in which they live.
- To promote languages and cultures internationally, regionally and locally with the goal of allowing people in each locality to practice languages and meet people from the entire world.

What do you think about this? Would you be ready to join and inspire your participants? Smile

If you have any remarks, suggestions, please send them to (contact@lei-web.com) until 7th November.

Merci de me faire part des grosses fautes dans mes messages en langue étrangère. Grâce à vos remarques, je pourrai m'améliorer :-)

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