The iron lady

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The iron lady

Message  MurielB le Ven 6 Avr - 17:53


The film's depiction of Thatcher has been criticized by her children, Mark and Carol Thatcher, who are reported to have said, "It sounds like some left-wing fantasy

I have not seen the film, but I have just read a very interesting article about her life in Vocable, my favorite magazine. Margaret Thatcher was the English prime minister from 1979 until 1990. the soviets called her "The iron lady" because she never backed down. Some of the main issues she didn't back down were "The Falklands" in 1982 and "The miners'strike" do you know more ?

"Thatcherism" is now a way of governing. I claims low inflation, free markets through tight control of th money supply, privatization and constraints on the labor mouvement.

I would really like to read comments from those who have seen the film .

Merci de me faire part des grosses fautes dans mes messages en langue étrangère. Grâce à vos remarques, je pourrai m'améliorer :-)

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