The little prince

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The little prince

Message  Teilhard le Mer 20 Juin - 21:47

After reading “The Little Prince” from Saint-Exupéry, a friend of mine told me she had understood nothing. That’s the reason why I decided to analyse one of the most famous symbolic books of the twentieth century. Saint-Ex as he is sometimes called used to say about himself: I don’t believe in God, but Man has to be moved by values which have to take him up! He didn’t believe in eternity. At the end of the story little Prince dies but at the beginning, he admires the short-lived beauty of his pink rose.

He feels responsible of his rose. In fact aren’t we responsible of Nature? It is so fragile. To keep it up we have to remove all things that may threaten its harmony!

Adults often think in Cartesian ways! They don’t take care of Nature. They have too much brain and have lost their childish imagination, (story of the sheep).Their Hearts are full of scientific knowledge (like the tiny planet overgrown with Baobabs) they have a desire of power (the King), they self-praise, they are addicted to drinks (the alcoholic)they are job addicted (the business man ) they are money- addicted. People want more and more money, (let us think of nowadays sub-primes crisis!) They are addicted to stupid commands (light-street switcher) (saint Ex alludes to stupid orders to soldiers, for Little Prince was written during the second world war!)

From planets to planets, he arrives on earth, in a desert. There, he meets the enigmatic snake, as enigmatic as the one which had teased Eve, (Ava), in the first times of humankind, in the primitive Garden of Eden. The Snake can bring death (spiritual and corporal death)!

Antoine de Saint Exupéry remembers an aircraft crash in a Libyan Desert, a few years ago when he was dying with thirst.

Then, he meets the fox, a wild animal. Big discussions about what to become tame means? Only relationship between men/animals (homo homini lupus) Sometimes our behaviour towards our brothers men are worse than towards animals!. We forget that the most important is to create links with humans.

Saint-Ex’s heroes are in quest of the spring of life, which is pure consciousness hidden in each of us. When Little Prince says “if I had time I ‘ll slowly march toward a spring of water” He means, it takes time to find out our spiritual resources, which are necessary to give consistency to our actions in our lives. Because it’s from this “fountain” that we would find out the strength to give good (right) measure for our lives. Of course this fountain is not obvious for the eyes! But we’ll remember this most famous sentence of Saint Ex “Essential is in the heart, it is invisible for the eyes”

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Re: The little prince

Message  Guilaine le Sam 23 Juin - 19:41

Thank you for this analysis of "The Little Prince" ; I think I'll have to read it again ...

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