Natural Hydrogen in French Subsoil

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Natural Hydrogen in French Subsoil

Message  gerardM le Sam 27 Avr - 20:20

Hi everyone,

I'm referring to "20 Minutes" April 26, 2013, go to page 9, bottom half: "L’hydrogène, substitut avantageux au pétrole".

According to the paper, there are lots of natural hydrogen in our subsoil (same for other countries).
Scientists always said natural hydrogen in subsoil was impossible - anyway!
This hydrogen could be used soon for house heating, as well es for cars.
Advantages: no CO2 (but water), hydrogen appears to be produced continously, no deep drilling, balanced presence under continent, huge quantities (so that it's said inexhaustible).

Is the present crisis over?
Is the problem of subsoil fracking over?

Would be so good!! cheers

You can read the entire article on "Sciences & Avenir" of May 2013.

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