funny story!

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funny story!

Message  victoriaD le Mer 22 Sep - 15:35

Two little kids are in a Hospital, lying on stretchers next to each other outside the operating room.
The first kid leans over and asks:
'What are you in here for?'
The second kid says, 'I'm in here to get my tonsils out and I am a little nervous.'

The first kid says:
'You've got nothing to worry about. I had that done when I was four.
They put you to sleep, and when you wake up they give you lots of jelly and ice cream. Don't worry .. . . it's a breeze.'

The second kid then asks:
'What are you here for?'
The first kid says, 'I'm getting circumcised.'
'Whoa!' the second kid replies.
'Good luck buddy. I had that done when I was born. Couldn't walk for a year.'

I think I must have been 'done' before they slapped my bum, as I don't remember any of it. Bud. Laughing Laughing Laughing


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