French arrogance, again! :-(

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French arrogance, again! :-(

Message  gerardM le Sam 18 Juil - 22:15

Hi everyone,

I'm angry!!

Today around 5pm, I turned my TV on to channel 24 and could watch a part of the 4th set of the Davis Cup quarter between Great Britain and France: GB was leading 2 sets to 1 and 4-0 in the 4th.

On Friday night, French commentators were stating France was the favorite for the double... and British ones were not saying the opposite as this is THE typical French flaw which leads to defeat!!!
In addition, I understood that Andy Murray has a light injury (Brits are good psychologists)...

The result is that the French double was defeated: 6-1 in the 4th.

I heard effectively things were not well for the French team due to... oodles of reasons but never that the French are always very weak mentallywise: due to the loss of the tie-break in the 3rd set or other reasons... our Tsonga looks like a solid bear but he is a tender teddybear!

The same scenario too often occurs, in tennis or other sports: French teams are mentally very weak and it's a piece of cake for foreign opponents to lead our team to a defeat.

Moreover, I now hear that things are not over: we are going to see tomorrow, the French are able to win the 2 simples, Tsonga able to defeat Murray, ATP ranking of 3 scratch
Shut up!
Information journalists have to check their sources and hold their words to try to stay kinda neutral.
I know sport journalists don't have the same duties (they rather tend to excite people in front of TV screens so that they keep watching and call for friends to increase the audience) but they should stop this arrogance!!!
C\'est vrai!!
I hate this bad reputation of the French!!! It's ridiculous!!!
Do shut up, French commentators!!

Please feel free to point out big mistakes in my messages in a foreign language. Thanks to your remarks, I'll be able to improve my level.
PS: Pls note that I chose American English for my vocabulary, grammar, spelling, culture, etc.  :-)

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