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Sounds from the old days Empty Sounds from the old days

Message  MurielB le Lun 11 Jan - 21:53

Back in 1970s you could hear the terrible noise you made when you slammed down your telephone on annoying callers, you could hear the gurgle of coffee percolators, the clatter of home-movie projectors. As technology advances a lot of noises are fading into oblivion....sad isn't it ?
As we move toward an age of quiet gadgets that do everything possible not to get in our way, we’re losing our appreciation for all the magic under the hood. Not long ago, the sounds our devices made reminded us that they were doing something truly important, whether that task was connecting us to the Internet or bringing us back to the beginning of our favourite VHS movies. A child born today has a greater chance of hearing a real cloned dinosaur roar than a busy signal. But for those of us who lived through the beginning of the PC revolution, these 13 tech sounds will always be hardcoded into our memories. - See more at:

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