When your punctuation says it all (!)

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When your punctuation says it all (!)

Message  MurielB le Jeu 12 Mai - 16:54

The origins of punctuation lie in ancient oration, when marks were used in handwritten speeches to advise when and for how long a speaker should pause. A period was a part of speech that had a beginning and end, a comma indicated the shortest pause, while the colon was somewhere between the two.
But there are no pauses or inflections in digital communication; we aren’t speaking the words out loud. Which means that even within the tiniest spaces, punctuation fills in the tonal holes.


Hi everyone
With hand-writing, punctuation indicated the pauses for the spoken speech. Nowadays with digital communication, punctuation carries more weight because it carries tone, attitude and rhythm  rather than grammatical structure. 
Perhaps can we make them up can't we ? Any way we can always use the smileys  Very Happy

Merci de me faire part des grosses fautes dans mes messages en langue étrangère. Grâce à vos remarques, je pourrai m'améliorer :-)

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