Euroborderscapes at Calais may 3rd 2016

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Euroborderscapes at Calais may 3rd 2016  Empty Euroborderscapes at Calais may 3rd 2016

Message  MurielB le Dim 15 Mai - 22:53

Guilaine and Jean-Pierre organized a group discussion at Calais on the 3rd of May 2016 with the international research project Euroborderscapes=>Euroborderscapes at Calais may 3rd 2016  Empty EUBORDERSCAPES in Calais last tuesday at the café polyglot
Georgie their leader was very pleased
=>We are very grateful for your organisation of the group discussion at Cafe Polyglotte on the 3rd of May. We do appreciate the time that you and all others gave us. It was interesting meeting  people whom we had been introduced to two years ago as well as others whom we had not. Hearing all their perspectives was very useful in understanding the complexity of the day to day experiences of people in Calais and therefore in developing the research.

Merci de me faire part des grosses fautes dans mes messages en langue étrangère. Grâce à vos remarques, je pourrai m'améliorer :-)

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