surrogate mom helps others realize joys of parenthood

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surrogate mom helps others realize joys of parenthood

Message  MurielB le Ven 10 Juin - 23:25

With each pair of twins, Langhammer fulfilled the dreams of a couple wanting to become parents. She loved becoming a mom and being pregnant — even labour and delivery. Using her self-described "magical uterus" to help create three other families has meant navigating a morass of legal, ethical and health issues.

Hi everyone !
It is so sad when parents can't have children of their own and many advances on that field  have fortunately helped millions of couples have babies. Anyway surrogacy is one of the most expensive and is illegal in many parts of the world. 
is it possible to have a baby grow in your utérus and then give it somebody else ? when it is the only way to fulfill the Dreams of a couple wanting to become parents isn't it Worth trying ?
What do you think ?

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