The summer of love turns 50

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The summer of love turns 50 Empty The summer of love turns 50

Message  MurielB le Jeu 30 Nov - 22:12
Fifty years ago, the epicenter of counterculture, the San Francisco neighborhood Haight-Ashbury, attracted young people by the thousands. Though an eclectic group, they often shared similar beliefs: experimentation, a rejection of consumerist values, peace, and a general opposition toward the Vietnam War. They also shared a passion for music. The Summer of Love Turns 50 exhibition will celebrate a time when musicians were looked to as a collective mouthpiece for a generation.

"Turn on, tune in, drop out" What does that mean ? (« Vas-y, mets-toi en phase, et décroche »), devise synonyme de libération, de contemplation (méditative), et de contestation.
IN 1967 thousands of young people from throughout the US descended on San Francisco 's Haight- Ashbury neighborhood and environments for the summer to share it all with like-minded folks : The hippies created their own communities, listened to psychedelic music, embraced the sexual revolution  and many used drugs such as marijuana, LSD, peyote and psilocytin mushroomsto explore altered states of consciousness.

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