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Can i just say..........

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Can i just say.......... Empty Can i just say..........

Message  PeterM Jeu 8 Avr - 16:08

Can i just say as a Manchester City supporter, (in u.k; in France its Bordeaux for Six seasons now) that i am very pleased for all our German speaking friends that Manchester United were knocked out of the european cup last night,well done Munich !!! ( Bordeaux also went out,but only to another French side, Olympic Lyon). Another reason to hate ' the reds ' of Manchester United, is that they are 'American ' owned, as i stick up for 'english english ', and not 'american english ', which is only a 'form ' of english; we eat Biscuits not 'cookies',we stand in a 'queue ', not in a ' check out line ' as i was recently ' taught ' by an american ' english teacher ' (??) in Lille at the language festival.
We must protect our 'europen ' languages such as French and English, (the only thing i happen to agree with Sarkozy about, Jan 2010), but he does still go jogging in a NYPD tee-shirt,??
Some people like me,object to ' american english ', others don't mind, they're nuts.
Can i just say, its o.k. in films,songs, i love the comedy 'Frasier ', but i don't like to hear 'american english ' taught in europe, it should stay where it belongs, in america, 'european languages,and english english for europe ',
Must go,........ i wonder if Tiger Woods is playing today?, i think i'll have a Hot dog or Big Mac while i'm waiting,hey buddy can you spare a dime ?........ I'll take a rain check on that one................ W.Shakespeare

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Can i just say.......... Empty Re: Can i just say..........

Message  Invité Mer 16 Juin - 15:50

Hello Peter,

I recently joined this forum to write a bit English because I never practise Sad so sorry if I make mistakes...
I'm not so radical as you concerning those 'American-English' and 'English-English'. In fact, I don't know whether it's right or wrong for Europeans to learn American-English rather than English-English because of the continent.
But I think there's another, quite serious problem. A lot of people prefer to learn American-English because they find it trendy, 'cool'. English-English is for them too classical, too formal... And that's what they think of the two groups! According to them, Americans are nice, relaxed on the contrary to the English who are seen as cold and snob. I think there's a big problem of stereotype..

Last year, I studied in Germany and I had some lectures in English. The professors spoke American-English - and most of all came from the United States. At the university in France, I also had many American professors, and just a single Irish man...


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Can i just say.......... Empty Re: Can i just say..........

Message  MurielB Ven 18 Juin - 9:21

Yesterday a friend of mine gave me a ring because she wanted to find an english family for her grand son. I did my best to find a family in England. It was not for lack of trying, I could not find any.
In America, on the contrary, though the journey is more expensive it is much easier.  Families over there are ready to establish contact with french students. They willingly offer them the possibility to better understand American culture and practise their language skills because they are under the spell of ours .  For instance there is an association called junior diplomats where the American families receive french students for nothing, they are not even paid...They just want to know french culture and build up a relationship with the French
Is It important to speak in a formal way ?

Dernière édition par MurielB le Mar 19 Nov - 15:19, édité 4 fois

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Can i just say.......... Empty Can i just say..........

Message  MarineL Mar 19 Nov - 12:48

Can I just say that Manchester City are not gonna win the league this year, and even not going far in the Champions League ? Can I remember you as well that City has been editing badges for the victory against Wigan in the final and... They did not win it ? Manchester IS RED !


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Can i just say.......... Empty Re: Can i just say..........

Message  gerardM Mar 19 Nov - 15:06

Hi Peter,

Thanks a lot for your message.

As you can read in my sig, I'm rather pro-Am. Let me tell you about the main reasons.

I had to make a choice between American and British English as a mix is "nothing".

- my mother and family's boat was bombed by the British army as they were coming back from Senegal to France in 1942... I always refused to put a foot in the UK
- I had an American girlfriend
- a part of my family emigrated to the States at the end of the 19th century
- I'm constantly meeting American friends in real life as well as on the Internet
- my company (French) had more than 50% of its activity in the US and I had to meet them often
- I got several wonderful American teachers, very professional and far better than many British people I had in the past. These teachers were very dynamic, encouraging me to take exams and go ahead, and ahead
- I had the chance to have individual classes with American teachers

I was very upset when (after several tests) my Am teacher concluded I could better understand the Brits than Americans while, usually, the French better understand Americans.

To me, British English is going to disappear due to so many Brits adopting vocabulary, expressions, accents of the USA. I discussed with many English seniors who keep yelling and tearing their hair...

Please feel free to point out big mistakes in my messages in a foreign language. Thanks to your remarks, I'll be able to improve my level.
PS: Pls note that I chose American English for my vocabulary, grammar, spelling, culture, etc.  :-)

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