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Europe of Supercalculators

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Europe of Supercalculators Empty Europe of Supercalculators

Message  gerardM Lun 6 Jan - 22:52

Hi everyone,

Europe tries as much as it can, to compete with the rest of the world in the domain of supercomputers.

Thus Europe is building a network able to equal the USA and Asia. They now must reach exaflop ie multiply by 1,000 the speed of calculation.

- petaflop = 10 power 15 Floating Operations per second
- exaflop = 10 power 18 Floating Operations per second
( if you're interested in this: Mega=10**6, Giga=10**9, Tera=10**12)
- a computer (from cell phones to tablets, to computers, supercalculators) is now multicore ie it can work in a parallel way
Thus Curie has 92,000 cores ie an hour of real calculation corresponds to 92,000 hours of effective calculation.

European Network named Prace - 6 supercalculators totalizing 15 petaflops for 23 European countries (of which Turkey and Israel)
- Curie 1.36 Pf Bull Bruyères-le-Châtel, France
- Mare Nostrum 0?7 Pf IBM Barcelona, Spain
- Fermi 1.72 Pf IBM Bologna, Italy
- Supermuc 2.9 Pf IBM München, Germany
- Hermit 1 Pf Cray Stuttgart, Germany
- Juqueen 5.9 Pf IBM Juliers, Germany
Project of 200 Pf at the end of 2017 (of which 50 Pf in France).

Inside today computers, the speed of communication is 15 Gbps, it must become 50 Gbps in 2020.

Supercomputer Manufacturers in the world - 2012 global market shares
- IBM, USA 38.6%
- HP, USA 26.2%
- Cray , USA 6.2%
- Appro, USA 4.8% (taken over by Cray since 2012)
- SGI, USA 3.2%
- Dell, USA 3.8%
- Bull (France) 3.6%
- Fujitsu, Japan 3.6%
NB: 72,8% of the market taken by the US... Neelie Kroes, European Numeric Society commissioner, intends to change the balance of power from 2014.
"Mont-Blanc" projet in Barcelona with Spain, France, Italy, Germany, UK is starting a "Megacomputer" involving cell phones of individuals.

Applications -
- nuclear fusion (Iter)
- weather
- medecine
- combustion in engines
- etc.

Interested in the subject? Please comment and add details.

Please feel free to point out big mistakes in my messages in a foreign language. Thanks to your remarks, I'll be able to improve my level.
PS: Pls note that I chose American English for my vocabulary, grammar, spelling, culture, etc.  :-)

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