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young people love reading

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 young people love reading Empty young people love reading

Message  MurielB Ven 22 Mar - 21:53

EVERY month a group of millennials gathers at a pub in London to discuss what they’ve been reading. The 20- and 30-Somethings Book Club was founded in 2014 on Meetup, an event-sharing site, and claims 2,000 followers. Participants suggest themes and a book is chosen accordingly: this month, on the subject of banned books, they have pored over “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. Though there are only 20 spaces per event—which get snapped up well in advance—users contribute to the discussion before, during and after on Meetup’s message boards, with those who attended the meeting often commenting on the issues raised during their conversation. : Rewriting the rules of the book club "The economist"

Hi every one
I agree that reading exposes people to new things (new information, new ways to solve a problem ) etc. and you have a better understanding of the world. The way you act needs a preparation and reading helps a lot for that because  you gain the experience of someone else and you can concentrate silently on things you want to know better.  Personnally i like reading articles in different languages because each language has a unique view on the world. This blog helps me a lot; What about you ?

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