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Obedience or thinking for oneself

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Obedience or thinking for oneself  Empty Obedience or thinking for oneself

Message  MurielB Lun 11 Mai - 19:31
What recent research has revealed is that the more religious a parent is, the more likely he or she will seek to cultivate obedience in his or her children, while the more secular a parent is, the more likely will he or she seek to cultivate independence of thought.

Hi everyone!

I have just read an article in the local press. Because of coronavirus  Calaisians no longer have the right to access their beach until an indefinite time. Is it useful ? Do we have to take everything for granted ?
Are the authorities right to prevent people from walking on the beach when public transport is overcrowded?  Isn't it better to think for ourselves than to foolishly apply rules from above?

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