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Throughout history, pandemics have had profound economic effects

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Throughout history, pandemics have had profound economic effects Empty Throughout history, pandemics have had profound economic effects

Message  MurielB Dim 21 Juin - 22:14 in
PANDEMICS ARE the inevitable attendants of economic progress. Interconnected trade networks and teeming cities have made societies both richer and more vulnerable, from the empires of antiquity to the integrated global economy of the present. The effects of covid-19 will be very different from those of past pathogens, which struck populations far poorer than people today, and with less knowledge of things like viruses and bacteria. The toll should be on a different scale than that exacted by the Black Death or Spanish flu. Even so, the ravages of the past offer some guide as to how the global economy may change as a result of the coronavirus. ppl
The Black Death contributed to the breakdown of the feudal economy. The Spanish flu was more deadly than the First World War and because a lot of men disappeared, women had to work.  This allowed them to free themselves from the guardianship of men...The 20 to 50 million deaths have shaken  the world , but it has made it more humane. For example, the orphans were taken care of by different  families...In some places it was good for the economy, For instance  American states harder hit by the disease grew faster in its aftermath In the 21st century, the surveillance and control of a pandemic relies primarily on international cooperation, so people must work together to control it That is what it teaches us

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