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Good by to the wild wild web

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Good by to the wild wild web Empty Good by to the wild wild web

Message  MurielB Ven 15 Jan - 22:29

IGoodbye to the Wild Wild Web - The New York Times (
The internet is changing, and the freewheeling, anything-goes culture of social media is being replaced by something more accountable.
Within a 48-hour period this week, many of the world’s internet giants took steps that would have been unthinkable for them even months earlier. Reddit, which spent most of its life as a lawless free-for-all, banned thousands of forums for hate speech, including the largest pro-Trump forum on the internet. Twitch — an Amazon-owned video-gaming platform not known for its political courage — suspended President Trump’s official account for “hateful conduct,” while YouTube purged a handful of notorious racists and punished a popular creator with a history of problematic videos. Facebook, under pressure from a growing advertiser boycott, took down a network of violent anti-government insurrectionists who had set up shop on its platform.
I don't think we should censor what is said on the internet because we would become a totalitarian state. Bad people would express themselves on the Darknet, which would be dangerous because we wouldn't be able to spot them anymore. It is necessary to differentiate between words and deed. We live in a rule of law that is responsible for preventing people from doing harm. Preventing people from expressing themselves also impoverishes the collective unconscious and makes them frustrated, which is serious and bad.In France, freedom of expression has been guaranteed since the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen of 1789, but abuses can be punished by justice.

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