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Boulogne and cakes Empty Boulogne and cakes

Message  PeterM le Jeu 8 Avr - 12:32

It was very nice to welcome some new faces to the Boulogne group last night,and also to meet Florent 'the webmaster' for the first time, a chance 'face to face ' to ask him questions about the forum sight; i think it would be a good idea for him to visit all the groups from time to time for 'face to face ' evenings, maybe just 2 or 3 times a year,but of course he is welcome at the Boulogne group any time;
Last night we had some lovely chocolate cakes made by Agnes who is the 'star' of Boulogne,and we launched our 'new' Polyglotte Boulogne poster to advertize around the town; this one has a photo on it, i am not saying who is on the posters,but i am free every Wed evening to sign them if you wish ! (its a very good 'group' photo actually).
Sophie,one of the 'new faces' from last night is an English teacher,in fact she was so good,that i thought she WAS English,but she is French with a perfect english accent, i hope we'll be seeing more of her,and more cakes please Agnes,they were very tasty !! yum yum
Numbers have been a little down lately,everybody busy with Easter etc,so let's hope they come back soon,i am determined to make Muriels dream work,of all different cultures talking to each other,maybe we should advertize chocolate cake on the posters ?? ..................
Take care everybody, Peter x

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Boulogne and cakes Empty Re: Boulogne and cakes

Message  Admin le Jeu 8 Avr - 23:09

There is already a discussion about last wendesday here in the Boulogne room.
Actually you can use any language you want in this Boulogne room (in order to gather posts)

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