TIP and gratuity

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TIP and gratuity

Message  GENART LAURENT le Dim 3 Mar - 19:00

Hello everybody,
Is there anyone who could say me which acronym is sourced the word tip.
I overheard that used to make sure you get exactly what you expexted.


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Re: TIP and gratuity

Message  MurielB le Dim 3 Mar - 20:30

Hello and welcome in that forum. Does Tip mean "To insure Prompt service ?

Merci de me faire part des grosses fautes dans mes messages en langue étrangère. Grâce à vos remarques, je pourrai m'améliorer :-)

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Re: TIP and gratuity

Message  gerardM le Dim 3 Mar - 22:03

Hi Laurent,

Welcome to the forum!

There are several theories regarding the etymology of "Tip".
I'm afraid "To Insure Prompness of service" might be a "backronym" meaning that it was made up (afterwards); the Brits like to play with words.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word tip originated as a slang term, and its etymology is unclear. The term in the sense of "to give a gratuity" first appeared in the 18th century. It derived from an earlier sense of tip, meaning "to give; to hand, pass", which originated in the rogues' cant in the 17th century. This sense may have derived from the 16th-century tip, meaning "to strike or hit smartly but lightly" (which may have derived from the Low German tippen, "to tap"), but this derivation is "very uncertain".
It is not true about the To Insure Promptness bit.

For one thing, the proper word use in that context is Ensure, not Insure, and the word is not "TEP".

I believe, instead, it comes from olde English mannarisms stemming from a "Tip o' the Hat" as a gesture of good will. This history also points to the reason that there is no tipping in Asian countries.
(Yahoo! Answers)

Please feel free to point out big mistakes in my messages in a foreign language. Thanks to your remarks, I'll be able to improve my level.
PS: Pls note that I chose American English for my vocabulary, grammar, spelling, culture, etc.  :-)

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