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This morning, I saved 60 + 150 euros! ;-)

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This morning, I saved 60 + 150 euros! ;-) Empty This morning, I saved 60 + 150 euros! ;-)

Message  gerardM Ven 11 Jan - 14:54

Hi everyone,

It was my lucky morning! Is it Lotto day? Smile

Imagine that someone booked my train ticket to go to the mountains at the end of Jan. They took an option meaning I had to make a choice (and pay) before Jan 12. The price was €405.80.
This morning, I wanted to check the dates before paying. I decided to process till full booking and I was very surprised to see the price was €334. I checked another time: no doubt, there was no mistake!! Wow good bargain isn't it!!

A few minutes later, I connected my GPS to the computer because yesterday I got a message asking me to update.
I've got 8 USB ports on my computer but my needs are bigger (many SD-cards, USB drives, printer, external disk drive, smartphone, training device for treks...) so that I also have a USB hub to increase the port number. I connected the device to the hub.
I started to perform upgrade including a new version of the soft and improvements in the maps.
A problem was that the process was not completed: it was fine for downloading the new version of the software but it stopped in the very middle of the stage of device writing.
I ran it another time to no avail.
I decided that this was not important: if the device didn't accept the updates I could use it without. The big issue was that having been stopped in the middle, there was nothing in the device neither the former nor the new version so that when I was turning my GPS on, it only displayed a big red cross.
Hm, I quickly imagined the solutions were: tell my story on a forum and beg for help or buy a new GPS device (about €150-200 I guess).
I tried a third time and failed again, and the device couldn't be started without the red cross!!
... I felt close to purchasing...
I had an idea for another try: connect the device to a direct port (without the hub): It worked! cheers cheers cheers

Conclusion: I'm not sure if it absolutely needs a direct connection or if it was a coincidence but...

... that reminds me of Bios upgrades on a computer: as an IT guy, my motto is "don't ever upgrade the Bios unless it is mandatory (computer malfunction or new needed functionality brought by the upgrade)"!
If the upgrade fails in the process, the computer is just good for the bin!

60 + 150 euros saved! Good day: it will compensate the bad news from the stock exchange today again! Very Happy

Please feel free to point out big mistakes in my messages in a foreign language. Thanks to your remarks, I'll be able to improve my level.
PS: Pls note that I chose American English for my vocabulary, grammar, spelling, culture, etc.  :-)

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