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Calais, France. ( in English )

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Calais, France. ( in English  ) Empty Calais, France. ( in English )

Message  Invité Ven 15 Aoû - 20:38

Good evening everyone,

On August 8, I went to Calais (until August 12th early in the morning so I could go to the polyglot coffee).

I saw on this forum, some people come from Calais but no one ever really talked about this town.

I liked to go to different places in the city, including my favourite (after the Café de Paris;) place), the Notre-Dame Church, located rue de la Paix / rue de Croy (behind Place d'Armes with its beautiful statue of Charles de Gaulle and his wife, Yvonne Vendroux ). This church is for me one of the jewels of this town. In this church were married Charles de Gaulle and Vendroux Yvonne, who was from the town.
A report made by TF1 channel can be found here:

This summer, the church is open from 2 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. until August 31. Since the report, the church has been more improved, inside and outside, with the Tudor style gardens.

I advise you to see this church if you ever come to Calais. I went there on Monday, but unfortunately it seems it has been shut for the day ( but maybe I arrived a bit too early ).

Calais has a beach and a nice pier where you can go for a walk, but also eat, or even go fishing ... Calais has numerous pubs, diverse restaurants that can please everyone. Calais also has World War II museum which is located in a bunker, Parc Saint-Pierre. A museum that is worth a look if you go through Calais! Admission is € 6 for adults, € 5 for children and € 14 for two adults and two children.
This park is located in front of City Hall in the town centre. The town hall is one of the most beautiful in France ( to me at least ! ). It contains the first edition of the Six Burghers sculpture of Rodin. We can go to the top of the tower ( there is an entrance fee) to have a closer look of the towe and a nice view of Calais ! The entrance for the town hall is free.,1.85259,3a,75y,108.22h,90t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sz7mREyyaAxyDSL0P3Fitug!2e0!6m1!1e1

I think there are many things to say on Calais. Of course like any town, there are some negative points, but it is a town that is worth a look and worth to stay for a day ( or more, if you are visiting the area ) with affordable hotel rates. Access to England via ferry is also very good, especially if you go on it as a foot passenger, the day-return ticket from Calais to Dover was only around 16 € on weekdays !

For the people who have been, what do you think about Calais ? And the people who didn't have the chance to visit so far, would you like to go ? And why ?

I'm looking forward to your answers !



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