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Learning Polish

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Learning Polish Empty Learning Polish

Message  Invité Jeu 19 Nov - 19:52

Good Evening everyone,

I'm looking for books to learn Polish.

I've seen a few books I'd be interested in but some of the reviews aren't good. Sad

What would you advise? I already know "Hurra po polsku 1 " as I used it while studying Polish at university.

Bilingual books would be good because I'm currently learning on my own so would be difficult if I don't understand something. Bilingual French or English would be great but German would suit me.

Has anyone used this one:

Or the same in other languages? Just wondered if it's any good because it's really cheap...

I'd be happy to have any suggestion, but books only I prefer writing everywhere. Textbook, exercises... Anything! If you know any online complement, please suggest.

Thanks Smile


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Learning Polish Empty Re: Learning Polish

Message  MurielB Jeu 19 Nov - 22:09

Hi Marine !
have you tried Michel Thomas's method ? It is one hundred per cent "audio-oral" I have learnt a few languages with that method I find it very good.

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Learning Polish Empty Re: Learning Polish

Message  Johanna Ven 20 Nov - 10:14

Hi Marine,

I don't speak Polish but I think you should look at this blog, it's made my a Polish guy for french speakers trying to learn Polish, I think it could be useful Smile

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Learning Polish Empty Re: Learning Polish

Message  Invité Ven 20 Nov - 11:19

Hi Muriel and Johanna!

Thanks for the replies. Smile

Concerning the Thomas' method, I haven't heard about it until now. Just listened to the preview and I don't like it. There's too much explanation in English and the first lessons wouldn't really help me as I already have some of the basics. Smile

About the blog... It's not complete, and there aren't enough lessons and looks like there won't be any more. Thanks for the link! I can still use it for some vocabulary I suppose.

I will keep browsing around and eventually take classes in my town (that's if I find some!). Smile


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