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why do some people risk their lives for fun?

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why do some people risk their lives for fun? Empty why do some people risk their lives for fun?

Message  MurielB Jeu 9 Sep - 22:47

Why do some people risk their lives for fun? | The Economist

Laurent frat is standing on top of a ridge line in the French alps, preparing to leap down to the valley below. If something goes wrong, he will die. “If I can’t find the landing area it will find me,” he jokes. He claims not to be nervous, although he admits that he tries not to think about his family before he jumps. After checking that the photographer is ready, he is off, arms outstretched, head forward, leaping into the void.
As the air rushes into his nylon suit, it gives him a bit of lift, allowing him to feel as if he is flying (in reality, he is merely falling with style). He will descend 1,500 metres in around a minute before opening a parachute. While flying, he says, he feels “almost invincible”. For a minute or two he feels a sense of freedom that cannot be imagined otherwise: “You think about where you want to go and you go there.” For that minute of invincibility, Mr Frat has risked his life over a thousand times.
Hi everyone
Last month my 16-year-old grand daughter told me that she wanted to experience strong emotions: paragliding, bungee jumping etc.  I could understand this desire for freedom that all young people have, but I could see that she did not realise the dangers of these practices, which can lead to serious injury or death if they are not carried out correctly. I thought of Michel Thomas' book=> The cult of emotion, which had enlightened me on the fact that today we need strong emotions and that Lamartine's reveries about love were old-fashioned.

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