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Earth overshoot day

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Earth overshoot day Empty Earth overshoot day

Message  MurielB Mer 2 Aoû - 22:42
Today is Earth Overshoot Day. It’s the day in the year by which we’ll have used up more of the Earth’s natural resources than is sustainable in the long-term.
We know that thinking about overshoot can be overwhelming—we’re right there with you. First, we should mention that we’re not ecological resource- or climate-“doom-and-gloom” people. We’re also not over-optimistic, “change-your-lightbulbs-and-we’ll-be-OK” types, either. We’re realists. Somewhere in the middle.
Individuals have the power to better their homes and communities. The greatest potential for large-scale impact, however, lies with governments and businesses who align their policies and strategies with the reality of our finite planet.
More precisely, immense #PowerOfPossibility can be found in the countless existing solutions that can be implemented at scale. With them, we can make ourselves more resilient and #MoveTheDate of Earth Overshoot Day.
Every year, during the first week of August, Andean communities pay tribute to Mother Earth : Pachamama is her name. She shelters people and makes life possible. She also would fit in with the hypothesis of Gaia, the Greek goddess representing the earth. Pachamama or Gaia would be "a dynamic physiological system that includes the biosphere and has kept our planet in harmony with life for more than three billion years".
We mustn't forget that the mother goddess needs offerings and that the efforts of mankind, no matter how small, to combat global warming are pleasing her. We must not rest on our laurels, but our efforts to combat global warming, like offerings to Mother Earth, will be repaid a hundredfold.

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