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What to expect this year for AI

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What to expect this year for AI Empty What to expect this year for AI

Message  MurielB Mer 7 Fév - 22:37
In 2024, people can expect AI to become more of a part of their everyday lives than it already is

A Northern Kentucky University professor said image generation is a positive example of how far AI has progressed

He said AI is growing exponentially, and people need to adapt along with it, but not become dependent on it

He said one thing that excites him most about AI is health care applications

In 2024, people can expect AI to become more of a part of their everyday lives than it already is, according to one professor at Northern Kentucky University. He says a project his students worked on shows the positive potential of the technology.
“And so, in a way, we’ve become a little dumber. We’ve given up some of our brain power,” he said. “Now, if we apply the same concept to AI, given that it can completely replace the way we talk and speak, the implications are pretty significant.”

The ability to create images and news that are indistinguishable from reality is here. And the more powerful it becomes, the more responsibility people have, Caporusso said, to use it properly.

“AI is going to produce decisions based on what it’s trained with. If we train AI to be an angry text generation system, we will get angry text,” he said. “As long as we don’t use AI to make too big of decisions, we’ll definitely be able to maintain the control.”

Overall, Caporusso said he thinks all the good will outweigh the bad. But education will play a key role in that.

  • Caporusso said one thing that excites him most about AI is health care applications. He said it will cut down costs, improve quality of service and significantly cut down on the time required to process records.

All that is very interesting and i see a lot of advantages for instance
-Helping people in their daily lives
-Improving health and medicine
-Promoting learning and training
-Promoting inclusion and sharing ideas
-Improving productivity and efficiency
Despite all these advantages, AI does have some drawbacks: it lacks creativity and originality because its answers come from big data. They can also be used for harmful purposes. The important thing is for the programmer to be benevolent, with a desire to encourage cooperation rather than competition. Humans are frightening because their desire to be powerful and rich can destroy the whole of humanity. For example, big pharma may have no concern for human health and seek only to enrich itself. It doesn't have emotions, and it won't be creative enough for the tasks you assign it, because it doesn't have the intuition that humans have. It can't find anything ex nihilo like us

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