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Film "Mandela" by Justin Chadwick

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Film "Mandela" by Justin Chadwick Empty Film "Mandela" by Justin Chadwick

Message  Guilaine Sam 11 Jan - 11:54

Starring Idris Elba, as Mandela.
Naomie Harris, as Winnie.

The film reveals sides of the South African leader I did not know. We see his rise from rural Xhosa villager to political prisoner and country leader, but it also introduces Mandela as a playboy who loves women, cars and boxing.
Naomie Harris shows in Winnie's role a Bond girl with a strong character, who can never get rid of her personal hatred and desire of revenge, whereas her husband is ready to forgive.
Both have deeply suffered to reach their goals, and unlike him, she keeps resentment all along. During the 27 years of imprisonment, she learnt to follow his steps to the extreme, and of course under the new conditions : old age, a new generation has begun, things have changes and
they decide to separate.

A very good film, shown presently in Alhambra.
A Must, when one considers the impact of Mandela's sufferings and personal sacrifices for the good of his people and of South Africa.

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