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Farewell to those who are leaving

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Farewell to those who are leaving  Empty Farewell to those who are leaving

Message  JeanPierreD Ven 26 Juin - 17:21

Farewell to those who are leaving … At school, it’s the end of the school year, students are taking their exams, hoping to pass them . At the café-polyglott yesterday it was a kind of year’s ending, not quite, because tomorrow will take place the yearly barbecue at the farm of Marie-Catherine et Thierry Calais in Pihen les Guines. This big party will crown the year ; enabling to say our farewells to Spring and welcome Summer , and meet the polyglots from all over the world everywhere . I know whom I will invite for dancing around the bonfire, that’s Muriel ; I know her face will redden for that, because it’s deep in my heart, a way to thank her for creating, running, dynamazing, renewing, sunning … the café polyglot in the Café de Paris every Tuesday evening and at every moment on the net. How many people  I met thanks to this brilliant idea, thanks to her ! (unfortunately,  I will not even make it, I will be absent tomorrow).
Thanks for all the lovely people we met during this « school year » . This year we had even some regular students from school.  They are currently taking their exams and I am pretty sure they will pass them, because I think that somehow the interest in another language make people more clever … So they will graduate in some schools or university far from  Calais . They are leaving and I am happy for them. The café polyglot is a place of meeting and of crossings . Besides the pillars (thank you for being regular, you are as useful as the four legs of a table) we met this year some english and spanish assistants . I can’t, not  to cite Paula who came to Calais in order to complete a training as a teacher. I wish her the best once back in Spain !
In September we will meet with pleasure the same regular people (pillars ) and welcome the new ones . I am happy to know that those who left will be elsewhere on our earth, enjoying their new lives. Some have found a new job ( which is rather rare for the time being.
But there is somebody we will not meet again next year, it is Marie Claude (Spanish table) . She passed away next week. I didn’t know her very well, even if we shared the same trip to Roma with the fine arts school. Sh struggled during many years with a serious illness. She was very brave and behave like the perfect little soldier against her personal war . Marie-Claude was quite straight forward, she had her way to say things … straightforwardly, I cannot find another word. That doesn’t mean she was not generous, she was very generous, very involved with the Chinese students and the migrants too. But she was the way she was , and thank you for sharing it . So where will you be Marie-Claude next year ? Will you be a new star in the sky ( oh please Jean-Pierre stop it  with this silly story of the stars ! ) I don’t know, anyway, it will be so far, and in our town with the light pollution we cannot see the stars anymore, so I don’t care, but what I know and what I am sure is that you will have a little place in our memory and our heart.
So goodbye for those who are leaving and see you next year for those you will come back in september, and next week for those who will stay in Calais during this summer , because we must know it, the café polyglot never close, like our hearts !

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Farewell to those who are leaving  Empty Re: Farewell to those who are leaving

Message  gerardM Ven 26 Juin - 17:55


Please feel free to point out big mistakes in my messages in a foreign language. Thanks to your remarks, I'll be able to improve my level.
PS: Pls note that I chose American English for my vocabulary, grammar, spelling, culture, etc.  :-)

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Farewell to those who are leaving  Empty Re: Farewell to those who are leaving

Message  Paula Mer 5 Aoû - 15:21

Jean-Pierre,I'm sorry, I didn’t realise on time about this post... I’m just trying to write from time to time here and in some occasions, I lose these special and nice messages.
    Thank you very much for remember me, as I said in another post some days ago, it was also an unforgettable experience for me to meet you and to meet the rest of polyglot people. For sure, Muriel makes and incredible effort for people from all over the world to embrace each other... She has a bright heart.
    I hope to see you again, maybe in Calais, maybe in Galicia....¿? Who knows...
    Loving greetings from me for people who is usually at the café de Paris (those ones who aren’t in contact throw this forum and they know me)
Very Happy

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