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why is Mama the same in almost every language

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why is Mama the same in almost every language Empty why is Mama the same in almost every language

Message  MurielB Lun 28 Aoû - 23:43

Walk along the streets of Beijing and listen carefully to the little toddlers calling for their mothers while out on an evening stroll and what do you hear? 妈妈 or māma. On the other side of the world you’ll hear Spanish children crying for mamá while Italian and French babies want their mammaand maman respectively. That’s not all. In East Africa, Swahili-speakers say mama and Arab-speaking children often call their mothers yemma. And in tropical Malaysia, it’s not unusual for mothers to be addressed as mak. The sound ma is almost universal in Europe, and very common even among completely unrelated languages spoken in faraway places. How did this come about? How did one syllable become so deeply entrenched in children’s vocabularies the world over?

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