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War and Peace

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War and Peace Empty War and Peace

Message  Philippe-Henri Mer 23 Déc - 0:44

Insofar as the dramatic events on the world scene allow me, I like to wish all members of our  Polyglot family a happy Xmas and best wishes for 2016.

By this period of good intentions and wishes for peace, I would like to point out the severe discrepancy between Luke’s message for «Peace on Earth to men of good will»  and the way  «Star Wars» is currently being hyped up. This makes me ask myself : do we want Peace or are we fascinated by War?

Apart from that Peace-War dichotomy: is it not a proof of our human silliness to fantasize about flying saucers and aliens and to degrade ourselves from science to thrilling science fiction stories? Aren’t we trapped into the spell of illusion? Do we prefer illusion do knowledge?

Yes, I believe we do. Life is hard enough. So we are tempted to make up preposterous life-after-death stories, to leave it to God, Allah or Mickey Mouse or what-dye-call-it to decide on our destiny.

May this not prevent you, folks, from enjoying your oysters, foie gras and champagne at your Xmas Eve supper!



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