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National anthems have fallen behind the times

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National anthems have fallen behind the times Empty National anthems have fallen behind the times

Message  MurielB Mer 19 Juil - 15:40

The economist by Catherine Nixey

The Economist by Catherine Nixey a écrit: National anthems can be tricky. The funeral of Elizabeth II moved with military surefootedness in every aspect except one: the singing of the anthem. A nation that had dutifully sung the same words for 70 years hesitated. “God save our gracious queen” seemed wrong (clearly, it was a bit late for that). But “God save our gracious king” felt inappropriate, too: she was still lying there, after all. In Westminster Abbey, the congregation compromised. “Long live our noble keen,” they droned; “God save the king.”[/
Britain’s anthem offers other thorny problems. When sung in full, it includes a second verse in which God is called upon to “scatter his enemies” and frustrate their “knavish tricks”. When the anthem was first sung in 1745, its sentiments were considered so splendidly sensible that they were greeted by “repeated Huzzas”, encores and “universal Applause”, according to the Daily Advertiser, a newspaper. In the more sensitive atmosphere of 2022, however, and in front of an international audience, such lyrics seemed rather less splendid. That verse was judiciously edited out.
I would like to write about the French anthem “La Marseillaise According to an analysis by Armand Delclos, a specialist in the national anthem, the first verse embodies the fight against an enemy, the "tyranny" of those who want to subjugate France. The idea of the fight against tyranny is also repeated in verses 2 and 3. What characterises the French today is their ability not to accept what they don't want. They are grumblers who are always ready to demonstrate. But for many, what they love most of all is the motto "Liberté, égalité, fraternité" (Liberty, equality, fraternity).

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